Consumerism Versus Sustainability : Consumerism And Sustainability

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Consumerism versus Sustainability.

I would like to focus on Capitalism witch promotes consumerism instead of Sustainability.

The Developed countries and its population are focused in acquiring more power and consume more than they need, awhile the sub developed countries are staying under and only serves as oil to keep this big and unfair machine running "smoothly". The quotations are to contradict how smooth it actually is, since only that small percentage of the world population benefits from the great wonders of globalization, awhile the unfortunate rest suffer from the negative side effects.

Poorly governance administartion, greed, bad policies and corruption uses capitalism to self harm it own population. I am gonna use the example I know best, which is Brazil. Such a great exporter of goods and labor, however when the product comes back taxation is so high and unfair that the same raw material or even the full product that was assembled there, becomes unaffordable generating equality between the trading nations, not to say that the minimum wage is so unfair that certain products, like clothing, shoes and electronics cost half if not more of a month 's wages . I am going to use the example of a product that I actually help to commercialize, since we receive and deliver shipments that comes from Spain here in the U. S.; I am talking about Zara, a fashion retail company based out of Spain, which has 1,540 stores around the globe. In 2011, Zara was accused of…

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