Consumerism And The World War I Essay examples

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The World was war weary and the US and the Soviet Union stood as the Powerhouses of the time.These once allies would start collide at the end of world war II and tension would flair.But most of this tension would arise from our very own backyard.Moving away from the the rural areas of the united states many chose to move toward the more urban areas in search of jobs and opportunities.Thus leading many of the middle and upper class to move into these newly formed suburbs.
As seen in the (video) the suburbs set a standard of living for the wealthy and middle class. The ideal look of of the “white” american, What they should buy ,Where they should live was an idea set still in the suburbs. To be happy and a true american you must conform to it or be shunned.But how do these suburbs represent the times? Consumerism is the key to understanding because this consumerism would be backed by a political agenda.In the video they showed people buying and buying things.which is an inverse of the communist agenda which was causing the red scare around the nation. I believe that suburbs were the by product of pushing the capitalist agenda in the US. As stated in “Town Center to Shopping Center ,1051” developers made shopping centers the core of most suburban communities. After reading this passage it was more apparent that the main goal of the suburbs is just to generate revenue and boost the retail economy.
In the further goal to rid the world of the evil communist and spread our…

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