Essay on Consumer Behavior Audit of Partylite

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Consumer Behavior Audit of PartyLite
Market Segmentation
A. External influences
1. PartyLite products are typically bought by affluent to middle income females. The social class associated with PartyLite is either Upper Americans or Middle Class groups who holds their home's appearance as important.
2. Although either gender can use the product, PartyLite products are typically purchased by females. Due to the nature of how the candles are sold, though in-home parties directed towards female social groups, it is doubtful that in the future males will become interested in buying the products.
3. The social subculture has the greatest impact on the purchase and consumption of PartyLite products. Because of the high, the product is
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Or they would have more say regarding which products come and go.

B. Decision process influences
1. If a consumer is new to PartyLite products they will have to do extensive decision making. If a consumer is familiar with or loyal to PartyLite, they will probably have limited decision making. The extensive decision making would use criteria to help them decide if they even like the products and if the products are important enough to them to spend more money on. If the consumer is doing limited decision making, they may know if that are going to purchase the products but the criteria would surround what they purchase the products for – gifts, personal use, holidays, etc.
A. External influences
1. Since the influence of friends and family at the in-home parties are high, the value a consumer may have regarding credit or purchasing goods for social status lower. Only consumers extremely loyal to their values tend to stick by them. Otherwise, PartyLite candles are usually higher priced so the chance of having cash to pay is low. Also, the PartyLite name is well known for quality and status so conspicuous consumption is inevitable.
2. Not all consumers or segments have expendable income afford the product without credit; however, for many of these consumers PartyLite products are seen as luxury items or items they feel okay splurging on "once and a while".
3. The main consumer would

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