Essay about Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Consumer Behavior Analysis
Scott Gresham
Mary-Lynne Ament

Consumer Behavior Analysis Our country is extremely diverse. We are reminded this every day, especially if we live in metropolitan areas. In Dallas, for instance, it is quite common to be in constant contact with individuals from all corners of the world. Marketers, even in the United States, have to understand how to navigate the different cultural, religious, and social differences when selling products. This challenge is magnified when a marketing team is asked to sell a product abroad. In this type of situation, the social, cultural, and religious challenges are magnified, and what sells well here, might not work near as well in another
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Softcorp was the third largest mobile provider in Japan, and the Ipod and Apple Computers were extremely popular in Japan, so Apple predicted incredibly brisk sales in the technology-savvy country (Kane, Sept) . On the first day the Iphone was offered, sales were indeed quick. Many locations sold out nearly immediately. After the quick opening day sales, something Apple and Softcorp did not prepare for happened. The sales slowed down to a crawl, with sales reaching less than a third of what was predicted by analysts (Kane, Sept) . There were a few reasons for the decline. First of all, Apple failed to realize that there were already 10 domestic cellular phone manufacturer's fighting for the market share in Japan. Apple also failed to realize that the new, groundbreaking Iphone was neither new or groundbreaking in Japan. The Iphone was largely successful abroad because of the 3G access it boasted, but in Japan, almost everyone phone was 3G (Kane, Sept) . In addition, the highly technological Iphone was not really anything new for the Japanese. In actuality, in many ways it was viewed as a step backward to these consumers. Many cell-phone staples for Japanese customers was not present on the Iphone (Kane, Sept). For example, Japanese residents like to add cartoonish characters to their emails. The Iphone did not have this option (Kane, Sept) . Also, Japanese consumers viewed the Iphone as very expensive. Essentially, Apple

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