Sound Of The Ocean George Greenhouse Poem Analysis

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Greenhouse’s use of consonance at the beginning of the poem helps create an image of the ocean. The poet thus combines imagery and consonance to create the sound of the ocean. The stereotypical sound of the ocean being a “shhhhhh” sound created by the breeze, which is developed in the poem by the poet’s incessant use of sounds like “su” , “sh “oc”. This is present as Greenhouse writes:
Let circumstance be breeze. At once: shells rush, rub ocean, is it sure or is it unsure? You are unsure then sure. Sink, shell, (Greenhouse 174)
Therefore, the peaceful whooshing created by Greenhouse’s use of consonance creates a pleasant scene, which would ultimately fade away as the poem progresses. This is similar to how someone who looks back to better times when life was pleasant and how as time passes an their mood can shift to a more dark attitude. Perpetuating the imagery of the poem also is Greenhouse’s use of a metaphor. Greenhouse discusses how the absent figure is starting to become a thought when he writes “now you are thought approaching thought,” which then he uses a type of metaphor called a simile, which Padgett describes as a type of metaphor that “always uses the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ to connect two things” (Padgett 114). The simile compares the
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