Consistency In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The Consistency In Shakespeare’s Work
With William Shakespeare one can never figure out what will happen. A Midsummer Night's Dream would be a perfect example of one of his most creative writings. In the play there is a love square and they will do anything to be with the one they each love. With that much love 2 of them will try to run away and the other 2 will stop them and try to fix things but the men get enthralled and it creates a greater problem. In the end they do not have a spell and they realize which one they actually love and they join the dutch and duchess in their marriage and get married. As the reader is going through the play one can understand the complication of the love square not by experience but by constant shows and
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In the text, Shakespeare stated, "Set your heart at rest. The fairyland buys not the child of me. His mother was a servant of my order."(2.1.125-128). This shows that when the queen doesn't let her servant's kid get sold in Act 2 Scene 1, the queen kept her word to the mother before she died. They can help one another and it is common for the queen to return favors for the servants good doing. Just like any other human being the queen knows her maid was great to her and so by keeping her kid safe and with her she is repaying her maid's hard work. This also happened in the film, where Demetrius didn't love Helena and Oberon felt bad for her and he had puck put a potion on Demetrius to fall in love with her. This happens in the real world where the woman or man loves the person and they send their friend to go talk about them to intrigue the person. With this the reader can comprehend what is happening in the story since they already seen stories like this. Not only is it shown in Act 2 but it is also shown in Act 5 Scene …show more content…
And the king normally only want their opinion and cares not for what their servant says. Lastly when women begin to fight for a man one can see how this still happens a lot and can understand what is happening. Without all the scenes that constantly happen in stories and even the stereotypes the reader can comprehend the story better and so with those constant scenes that happen the reader will understand what is going on throughout Shakespeare's

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