Conservation Of Resources For The Future Essay

1039 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
The well being of our future generations lays in our ability to create a sustainable society. Sustainability refers to the conservation of resources for the future. Also according to Anthony A. Leiserowitz sustainability refers to the change of human values, attitudes and behavior to achieve a transition to meet all human needs, stop hunger and poverty while maintaining the life system of the planet. With this in mind we have to realize that suitability stands in a three legged stool which is referred to as the triple bottom line. This concepts is what keeps sustainability balanced, it contains three parts known as social, economic and environmental. The social leg refers to the well being of the population, their health, education and working conditions plus cultural and social justice. Furthermore the economic leg of the stool associates with the ability to have good jobs, fair wages, infrastructure and fair trades. Last but not least is the environmental side which drives direct attention to pollution and waste indicating the need for renewable energy and conservation. Therefore, in order to have a sustainable society all the sides of the stool have to be balanced, and not many countries are able to achieve this. However one of the top countries that are extremely close to create a perfect sustainable balance is Iceland. This country is an example to follow for other nations. Thus, in this paper I will put Iceland in perspective to the triple bottom line and examine each…

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