Essay on Conjugal Visits Is A Fundamental Human Right

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As presented by the New York Times in the article “Does everyone have the time to Conjugal Visits?”, Conjugal visits are a privilege; it would be a big mistake to consider it the human right, especially for the prisoners because of the budgetary constraints and prison pregnancies. The ability to have sex with a spouse is not a fundamental human right for someone who is in the jail. It is a reasonable freedom of a prisoner to lose (Klosterman, 2014). According to me as, we live in the state that dominated in legalizing same-sex marriage, over all other states of the United States and as a result, the conjugal visits should apply to everyone, whatever their sexual orientation because it represents gender equality. Here, I would like to mention the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs triangle to make stronger my arguments. As per Maslow, every human being has same physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social needs regardless of the gender. Thus, it is unethical to decide conjugal visits based on the sexual orientation. What is ethics? Ethics refers to well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually regarding rights, obligations, and benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. Ethics, for example, refers to those standards that impose the reasonable obligations to refrain from rape, stealing, murder, assault, slander, and fraud. Ethical standards also include those who are enjoying the virtues of honesty,…

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