Essay on Congressional Gridlock And The United States

1120 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Congressional gridlock can be described as an inability to pass a law or bill which results in a situation that cannot satisfy the people. This situation becomes a gridlock when the ratio between the number of bills passed to the agenda on the legislature decreases, thus resulting in a complete lockdown of the governments ability to create new laws. This problem is still happening today and may be very evident especially with the election that just occurred. The past eight years, Congress has done short of nothing ultimately resulting in “one of the least productive sessions on record (WashingtonPost)”. Could this least productive session be due to the fact that the Congressmen and other people holding office just didn’t know what they were doing, or could it be because of Congressional gridlock? Overall, the problem of Congressional gridlock has in fact doubled over the past sixty-five years, resulting in fewer than 30 percent of issues that had been left unlegislated by the government (WashingtonPost). Thus leaving the question of what keeps causing this issue. There is so much competition in the world we live in, varying from our world leaders, elections, and every day activities. In comparison to the United States Presidential election that just recently occurred, we all have the idea that for one party to win, another party has to lose. When this person from the new party becomes elected, this creates a gridlock in the government. Since both sides are so competitive…

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