Congress Authority And Presidential Power Essay

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Congress Authority and Presidential Power Congress which is also known as the Legislative branch was created to make laws, represent the people, perform oversight, help constituents, and educate the public. The Speaker of the House is chosen to represent Congress this person is referred to as the majority leader. The Senate of the House represents the minority leader. Checks and balances was created to ensure that no one branch had more power than the other through the separation of powers. Congress has several powers that it can use to keep the executive branch and judicial branch in check. One way Congress keeps the executive branch in order is by overriding a presidential veto. Because Congress is allowed to allocate funds to government projects and institutions, it controls how much funds the executive branch is granted. Congress ability to amend the Constitution keeps checks and balances on the judiciary branch because it avoids constitutional review decisions handed down by the Supreme court.
There are a few differences in the House and Senate as shown in the constitution such as only the House may propose tax bills or issue articles of impeachment. However all legislative powers of Congress are to spend, borrow, regulate commerce, coin money, raise armies are held jointly by the House and Senate. The Senate carries the most power over the executive branch because they have special powers including the ability to ratify treaties with a two-thirds majority…

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