Conformity In The Beat Generation

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Register to read the introduction… The Beats’ outlook on life was characterized by “romantic philosophy” . They moved away from the moral standards of society and pursued new exciting lives. Their strong desire for the return to natural life was what fueled their free spirited behavior. They took road trips by means of hitch hiking, hung out in jazz bars, drank, smoked and read poetry. Such activities were somewhat frowned upon by society because things like that were for people who had no desire to follow rules; hippies or punks if you …show more content…
Some issues addressed by the Beats were spiritual and sexual liberation, legalizing certain drugs, environmental awareness, opposition to harmful industrialization, and the promotion of peace. Among the Beats hoping to encourage change through their work were authors Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Neal Cassady, and Gregory Corso.
Writers, such as the above stated, moved away from the standard structured style of writing and went toward spontaneous and unadulterated prose. This style of writing allowed the true, underlying thoughts to come out instead of the “supposed to’s” and the “I shouldn’t have’s”. Through their works as well as the works of others, a transition came into effect for American society…from war and unrest to peace and freedom to do whatever floats your boat.
In his novel, On the Road, Jack Kerouac speaks of his own experiences as a writer on the road during the Beat Generation. He basically gives the reader the true essence of the Beat life…on the road, going any way the wind
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Their free spirited demeanor sparked the interest of others and caused them to stray away from strict and bone structured lifestyles. As a result, “lifestyle experimentation” became very popular in American society. The practice of Zen Buddhism was also an element of the Beat lifestyle that was promoted. This religion was characterized by philosophy, peace, and tranquility; which is what the Beats stood for.
Aside from this, the Beat Generation also influenced literature. Their unorthodox methods of writing such as spontaneous prose and “cut up” put a new twist on American literature. Both methods caught the attention and interest of the readers; spontaneous prose allows the reader to see the unadulterated truths of society and the cut up method displays the beauty and fluidity of words. The Beats’ innovative literary methods changed American literature and made way for other new styles to be created as well. The Beat Generation not only brought about the start of a new way of life, but it influenced the times to come. Their “beatness” identified with their free spirits and expression; which may have frightened or offended others. In their eyes, the arts and lifestyles were closely related; “the arts reflected their lifestyles, while their lifestyles embodied the arts.”( They bravely pushed for change through their work and lifestyles and this had a huge impact on American

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