Man Vs Man John Analysis

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8. Conflicts:
Person vs. Society: John questions how the WS society works. He feels disconnected with the society because of the way they live: without all the emotions, without love, family, or individuality
Man vs Man; Bernard argues with the director because the Director wouldn’t give him permission to leave out the Reservation.
Man vs. Man: John argues with Mustapha mond because John thinks the WS society is a crazy way of living. Mostapha believes this way people don’t feel negative emotions so the live more happily. John argues that to live to the fullest, everyone must experience the good and bad of life; there must be a balance between the two.
Man vs. Self : Lenina is conflicted with herself when Bernard tries to get her to view the world the way he does. Leneia is conflicted because she doesn’t know weather to follow the WS rules she was always raised to believe in or to change her way of thinking so she can view the world like Bernard which is different from mostly everyone else.

9. Narratives: 3rd person omniscient. Aldous gives us a lot of
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17, leaving John the main character for the last chapter. In the last chapters, John argues with Mustapha mond about how wrong the WS is. Which reveals the core of the problem of the WS: no individual has any purpose in their lives other than to bring joy and gratification for themselves only. Mond quotes from a passage (Newman) to John which suggests: people become believers of god when they begin to understand they are not in control of their lives completely. As they start to experience loss and grief and become more helpless as they age, it only makes sense to that they are only a part of something much larger: god’s plan. The only way anyone could wrap their minds around the fact that they are not in control is through religion. However, with no grief of sadness or any ageing in the WS there is no need for religion if everyone

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