Conflict Management : Forgiveness And Reconciliation Essay

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Introduction Conflict is an avoidable occurrence in life, but the process and procedure in which the parties involved handle those conflicts truly determines how it can affect them. Two of the most important concepts in conflict management is forgiveness and reconciliation. There is much debate whether these concepts are a luxury or a necessity when resolving conflicts in the workplace and in personal lives. With this in mind, this paper will answer the question of whether forgiveness and reconciliation have a substantial place in conflict resolution as a whole. The methods used to determine the answer to the question mentioned are an analysis of research and literature from the recent years, as well as several books written on the concept of conflict management. This will allow the information provided in this paper to be cohesive, comprehensive, and thoroughly answer the question.
Forgiveness in Conflict Resolution Forgiveness can be boiled down to a social and political construct, which allows the individual person to become closer to God, community, others, self, the earth, and world (Marshall, 2014). Many people have varying views of the purpose of forgiveness. Whether forgiveness is for the self and the abolishment of guilty or whether it is for the offender and the for the sake of religion, forgiveness has many restorative properties in conflict resolution.
Forgiveness in Religion Regarding the Christian religion, forgiveness holds major ground and many chapter…

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