Conflict In The Lottery By Jackson And A Rose For Emily

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The stories “The Lottery” by Jackson and “A Rose for Emily” by Faulkner were also written in the 20th century. By reading these two stories, one can find the central conflict in both is individual versus society theme. It’s drawing the individual struggle against collectively accepted rules. Both also characterized the struggles one goes through to avoid the loss of family traditions during these changing times, in “The Lottery”, Tess Hutchinson is a victim while Emily is a victim in “A Rose for Emily”. However, Jackson and Faulkner still have some differences; they still have their own style of writing. In “The Lottery”, Jackson depicts the characters in "The Lottery" as “hypocritical” in their relationships with other people in the town. …show more content…
He was a writer and Nobel Prize from Oxford. Faulkner’s private life was a long struggle to stay solvent: even after fame came to him, he had to write Hollywood scripts and teach at the University of Virginia to support himself. He wrote novels, short stories, poetry. In his style of writing, Faulkner was interested in exploring the moral of history as the South emerged from the Civil War. He also was interested in society, with gossips, judgment and conspires to the ambitions of individuals. “A Rose for Emily” was Faulkner’s first published in a major magazine in the April 30, 1930. When he published this story, he still had to struggle making his name to be popular in the U.S. Few critics recognized and accepted in his prose. In “A Rose for Emily”, the narrator represents several generations of men and women from the town. The setting of “A Rose for Emily” is told from the townspeople, starts off with Ms. Emily 's funeral. Nobody has been with Emily for long time expecting her funeral. The townspeople had a special relationship with Emily since they stopped billing her taxes. But the new government in the town wasn’t happy with that so they tried to get her pay taxes. Everybody felt pitied for Emily father’s death. She left her house but did not bring anything, also her money because she didn 't want to let go of her dad even he had stolen her childhood. After her father died not too long, Emily is dating with Homer Barron, who is a sidewalk building project. Everyone in the town was whispering about their relationship and wondering if they were married. One day, Emily was seen buying arsenic at the drugstore and they think that Emily wants to kill herself. The townspeople saw him the last time was in Emily’s house. Emily rarely leaves her house after that and she spent six years of her painting lessons. She eventually dies in a downstairs bedroom which hasn 't seen light in many years.

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