Essay on Conflict And Anger Destroyed Right Now

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Chapter One

Conflict and Anger Destroyed Right Now

Lynn G. Robbins described anger as...that (it) leads to hostile feelings or behavior. It is the detonator of road rage on the freeway, flare-ups in the sports arena, and domestic violence in homes.

Let’s look at some of the negative stuff first.
Getting angry at your husband or wife may help you get something out of him or her that you want to achieve, grasping at your unmet or unrealistic expectations, but the consequences over time will cost you!

How cooperative do you think he/she will want to be when you manipulate with your anger.? And that is what it is, manipulation.

You then can assume as you carry your anger into your relationship with your spouse that you are indeed straining your marriage.

Widening your physical and emotional bond with an ever increasing wedge.

If you keep it up you may be facing legal action, such as a divorce proceeding and court costs. Perhaps you are like many who go into marriage…

with the thought that if it doesn’t work out, then you will just get a divorce rather than going into holy matrimony with commitment.

No matter the reasoning such as using it to intimidate or control your spouse, to make you feel superior to him or her, or because of being frustrated, hurt or disappointed in something.

When you are not getting your own way, do you resort to anger towards your husband or wife or some other manipulative method?

Your unprovoked attacks against him or her may make him…

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