Confessions By Saint Augustine 's Confessions Essay

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What are we searching for in life? Even as broad as the question is, many people have attempted to answer it. The book, Confessions by Saint Augustine is an autobiography that discusses the trials and tribulations of Saint Augustine in his pursuit of the answer to the initial question. Augustine achieves his personal answer to the question through the reflection of his worldly desires, his education and the physical world. Even as educated and sanctified as he was, Augustine delivers his answer to be relatable to most people then and today.
As the first stop on his search for his answer, Augustine begins with a reflection of his worldly desires. In the early years of life, Augustine says that infants, before learning language, express sinful and demanding desires. They seek nothing but the satisfaction of their own desire such as hunger, entertainment, etc. In his childhood and adolescent years, Augustine notes that once he began to learn language, he “entered more deeply into the stormy society of human life”. The stormy society of human life caused Augustine to venture on several erotic adventures and stealing. Augustine notes “ the single desire that dominated my search for delight was simply to love and be loved”. Augustine feels that each desire of his was an attempt to acquire love from something more fulfilling and long lasting. He would keep committing to these actions in hopes of satisfying this desire.
Beyond his love for the things of physical pleasure,…

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