Concussions: Causes And Dangers Of Concussions In Sports

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Concussions in Sports
Concussions hurt. A concussion is the result of a traumatic impact on the brain that is suffered when the brain bounces off the cranium. Most concussions are sustained from contact sports. In todays medical world topics that are becoming a more talked about issue are concussions in sports, second impact syndrome, and how to prevent them.
More recently the issues of concussions are becoming more prominent in the sports world, “estimates of 1.6 to 3.8 million such injuries annually in the United States” (Giza). The concussion proposes many underlying health issues in addition to just brain damage. One may lose balance, eye sight, and even some physical impairments. In addition to memory loss, headaches, and dizziness.
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A concussion is defined as a response to a biomechanical force put on the brain. This force usually results in headache, dizziness, memory loss, and in some cases unconsciousness. Concussions may occur from a sports related head to head contact, an accident, a fall, or even in everyday recreational activities. Concussions can come in a variety of magnitudes some seem worse than they are others seem less. This is why it is very important to seek medical attention when an injury like this occurs. It is a very serious injury that if treated properly can be resolved, but in many cases there is a long term effect on the …show more content…
Iain R. Murray, Andrew D. Murray, and James Robson stated,” The key problem is that, until now, concussion has not always been taken seriously enough by players, coaches, and medical staff “(Murray, Murray, Robson). In youth sports some leagues are changing the rules to implement safety such as in youth hockey some have created the no checking rule in the younger age groups do to such increased risks by allowing the action to occur. Other safety implements for both youth and adults such as athletic trainers being at games, quality equipment, and informing players of concussion awareness have helped improve the risks for youth concussions. However, in adult sports most teams do baseline testing which is taken prior to the season starting every year or every other year to test your memory, reaction times, and your ability to answer certain questions so that if there ever was an impact one would be able to take the test again to measure the amount of change between tests. Field testing to check for memory loss right away and to check the dialatedness of the pupils is commonly used by more sports trainers on the field during the game. If they are hit hard enough and suspect major damage they send them to seek medical

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