Essay about Concussions And Long Term Effects Of Concussions

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We really do not know very much about concussions. Concussions aren’t easy to diagnose, hard to treat appropriately, and seemingly impossible to prevent in contact sports. While they can be apparent and have effects that immediately appear, they can also occur with no apparent consequences. The second case is very scary, as athletes who return to games after sustaining a concussion can make symptoms much worse or even cause permanent damage. Concussions are extremely harmful to brain health and long-term effects can hold adverse effects on people. While there is an agreed form of treatment for acute symptoms, long-term effects are untreatable. With contact sports being such a huge part of so many lives, modern scientists are working hard to create new tactics to prevent concussions, detect concussions earlier and find new treatment methods in order to help reduce permanent damage and pain. Concussions are a widespread issue and even though most of these brain injuries are mild, they have the possibility to escalate to post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Currently there is no agreed upon treatment for PCS. However, experts agree that PCS require immediate and intensive treatment more than ever before. Research on concussions is still in progress and there are many promising treatments in development. Concussions are a prevalent problem. Every year, there are about 10 million cases 1.7–3.8 million of which occur in the US, and 3.8 million athletes sustain sports-related…

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