Concept Analysis Essay

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Concept Analysis

Stephanie Hobbs

NR 501: Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing

Instructor: Dr. Patricia Fedorka

September 30, 2012

According to McEwen & Wills (2011), concept analysis is an approach to clarify and define terms so that writers and readers have a common language. The process of a concept analysis is to: 1. Select a concept 2. Determine the aims or purposes of analysis 3. Identify all the uses of the concept possible 4. Determine the defining attributes 5. Indentify model case 6. Identify borderline, related, contrary, invented and illegitimate cases 7. Identify antecedents and consequences 8. Define empirical referents
The concept health is referred to as
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The client is also attentive and interested in what the home visitors are talking about. The client states that she is taking medication for the anemia and on birth control. She is getting counseling and taking a parenting class through the ACCESS program. She also says she enjoys the program because she interacts with other teenager going through the same thing she is.
This model reflects health because it contains many of the defining concepts. Any of the concepts missing could cause the client to not be in good health. It also demonstrates why the nurse must have good assessment skills and address as many areas as possible that affect the client’s health. 2. An elderly lady diagnosed with Hypertension and Type II Diabetes presents to a Community Health Center for a follow up appointment. During triage, the client’s blood sugar is 357mg/dl and her blood pressure is 180/206. After speaking with the nurse, it is revealed that the client has been evicted from her home, has little to no food to get her through the month and did not purchase her medication due to a lack of money. The nurse shares this information with the physician and the social worker. After the physician gets the blood sugar and blood pressure under control, the social worker enrolls the client into some med assistant programs and calls the nearest women’s shelter to secure her a bed. The nurse gives her enough samples to

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