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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults: Concept Analysis
Aim. This study is to analyse the concept of safeguarding the vulnerable adults and the role of registered nurse.
Background. Registered nurse has major responsibilities in caring and safeguarding the vulnerable adult population. Reduction of health inequalities among vulnerable adults are top international healthcare priorities. Vulnerable adults are among most vulnerable of the populations, many people associate vulnerability with old age only, resulting in negative stereotypical views.
Understanding the concepts of vulnerability as relates to adults population, examines how and why adults could be vulnerable will help nurse to educates the vulnerable
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Another researcher (Wisner et al, 2004) define vulnerability as a features of a person or group and their situation that determine their capacity to foresee, cope-with, reject and recover from the impact of a hazard whereas the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2005) defines vulnerability as the ability to: ‘Be easily physically, emotionally, or mentally hurt, influenced or attacked.’
In a concept analysis of vulnerable by Purdy (2004), the term vulnerability refers to individuals of population viewed as unprotected exposed, undefended, sensitive or immature.
The term risk, which is often used and its many variation as a surrogate term in the discussion of vulnerability. The term risk was used to express chance of probabilities that a particular results will happen following a particular exposure, and implies the potential for poor outcome (Burt 2005).
The terms commonly used in the place of vulnerable were at risk, risk, risk behaviour, high risk, risk group, risk factor, risk categories and risk exposure.

Hilary and Mary (2008) studied that concepts, conceptualizing risk to older people only as a person can become vulnerable in the society at any age, could be at risk at any age but people associate vulnerability with old age. Vulnerability is the lived experience of risk. Appropriate Realm (Sample) Data Collection
This report contains information on referrals to adult social care safeguarding teams in England derived from the

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