Concept Analysis Essay

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Concept Analysis
Carrie G. Alexander

Concept Analysis
The concept of comfort is one that nurses provide every shift; however, it is not always easy to define. Katherine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory will be used. Walker and Avant’s method for concept analysis will be used. The first step is to select a concept, which is comfort. The next step is determining the purpose of the analysis. The purpose is to define what comfort means and what comfort measures are and how they are used in nursing. The third step is to identify the uses of the concept of comfort. This includes definitions of term comfort and a literature search. The fourth step is to determine the defining attributes of comfort. This allows for insight into the
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The goal of the study was to measure the comfort level of the trauma patients during the trauma to certain aspects of the trauma care. The study included twelve women and twenty two men using a questionnaire that rated their emotional response and comfort level during specific trauma procedures. The questionnaire was designed using Katherine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and interviews with trauma nurses and trauma surgeons. The patients were at least eighteen years old and had been brought to the emergency room by ambulance with a Glasgow Coma Scale of at least 13. The survey was administered within seventy two hours of admission.
Some trends that were noticed were that most patients felt comfortable with the more common aspects of trauma care, such as CT imaging and IV catheter placement. However, many felt uncomfortable and frightened with the forced clothing removal and digital rectal exam. Many of the patients reported feeling scared because they did not understand why a procedure was being conducted. A conclusion of the study was that an emphasis should be placed upon the need to disclose why certain aspects of care are being conducted and that patients need to be an active partner in their care whenever possible (Wright, 2011).
Some limitations of this study include the small sample size and the pitfalls of interpreting data from self-reported surveys. There was not any bias noted since the patients were able to answer the

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