Essay on Concentration Camps During World War II

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Imagine a world where one was forced to wake up to degradation, inhumanity, and conditions that no human being should experience. This was a reality for millions of Jews that experienced life in concentration camps. During World War II, life in concentration camps was grim and left little hope for the Jews’ survival. They were forced to live in horrific conditions, forced to perform hard labor which oftentimes meant working in a state of starvation until death overtook them, and constantly faced execution.
Living conditions in concentration camps can be described as horrific. Captive Jews mostly lived in cramped barracks that were not made for comfort. These barracks were usually made of wood or brick. Wooden barracks often had gaping holes in the walls, making the Jews susceptible to the frigid winter air. According to an article written by Jason Levine, most of the wooden barracks were repurposed horse stalls. This contributed to the discomfort as they were not made to house humans. Wooden barracks often contained long rows of wooden bunk beds that slept two to a bunk. Brick barracks may have been considered better quality than wooden barracks because of their thick walls which kept the cold out. Most brick barracks contained brick bunk beds which were usually filled with hay to make the beds more comfortable. Jews often used very thin blankets or rags to sleep under. Overpopulation was common in concentration camps. Some barracks that were built to hold approximately…

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