Comprehension Of Psychometric Theories And Its Applications Essay

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The construct of interest that my grade should reflect is comprehension of psychometric theories and its applications. Comprehension is operationalized by the following: an understanding of psychometric theories taught through lecture and independent readings; the ability to express understanding through class participation, discussion about psychological studies, and take-home exams that draw from information covered throughout the course of the semester; well-written lab reports, exams, and test review papers that apply psychometric theories to activities in class and independent research; incorporating what we have learned throughout the semester in a final semester-long-project that tests our knowledge about essential properties of psychometrics (e.g. reliability and validity, as well as theories such as factor analysis) and ability to create a syntax file on SPSS (knowledge of using SPSS and analyzing data) and type out a well-written manuscript. According to our syllabus, grades are calculated by the following percentage breakdown: 15% for class participation, which includes discussion about readings; 10% for lab assignments; 40% total for two exams (15% for the first and 25% for the second); 15% for the test review paper; and 20% for the semester-long project. This method of assessment is advantageous in that it would remove potential errors that may occur during in-class examinations such as response biases and test biases. However, this does not entail that…

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