Effects Of The Transatlantic Slave Trade On West African Societies

The social, economic and political implications of the Transatlantic Slave Trade would substantially influence the West African societies. The Transatlantic Slave Trade had many effects, both positive and negative, on Western African societies. Most of them, however, were, of course, negative, though it is debatable that the slave trade led to many positive aspects for West African societies. However, the majority of African societies were at a loss, because of the massive population decrease. In fact, millions of Africans were being transported out of Africa, which significantly affected the African societies and put them in a predicament. The movement of these Africans would greatly affect most of the states’ long-term conditions, whether …show more content…
The disturbance of the slave trade was massive: the connections between kingdoms and the overall social hierarchies were changed. In some decentralized social orders, individuals advanced new styles of leadership that prompted more inflexible, progressive structures, thought to better guarantee security. What 's more, European forces interceded in the political process to prevent the uprise of the African centralized societies that would have hampered their operations. Additionally, doubt and abnormal state of mind among African tribes happened as the Africans were catching and offering their own particular people into slavery to take care of the Europeans high demand for slaves. Numerous African societies had varied dialects, because of the strong influence of the Europeans. Additionally, the Transatlantic Slave trade added to the instability and the development of political issues in Western Africa. The political supremacy of tribes in West Africa were enormously impacted by the distribution of ammo. Political alliances were double-crossed between slave traders and African leaders. These organizations together empower the rulers to establish authority over their neighbors and partners. Additionally, there were some West African societies that prospered, but they built their kingdoms around the slave trade. The West African societies were affected greatly on the grounds that their human populations were being taken away, which influenced their potential to grow financially. Furthermore, when there are less workers, you get less work done and this made the West African societies’ economy unstable. Therefore, the political implications of the slave trade greatly influenced Western African societies, in a negative way, and caused an obstruction in growth of the overall advancement of the African

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