Competition Is A Driving Force Of Nature, And Rent Seeking And The Making Of An Unequal Society

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Competition is a driving force of nature, promoting growth and forcing us to be more creative. The concept of competition is a powerful idea that is crucial to everyday life. The economy and businesses are shaped by competitive and uncompetitive practices, driven by educational hierarchies, competition for Wall Street careers, and businesses for market shares and profits. In “Project Classroom Makeover,” “Biographies of Hegemony,” and “Rent Seeking and the Making of an Unequal Society,” written by Cathy Davidson, Karen Ho, and Joseph Stiglitz, respectively, all authors discuss the ideology that both competitive and uncompetitive behaviors shape the individuals of modern America. In America today, individuals seek to develop their skills to be competitive and to strive for excellence. We as humans are not just responsible for our own life and of those surrounding us, but also responsible for our country. Among this, modern America is able to emphasize their fertility and wealth and flaunt its superiority. Authoritative figures and powerful organizations have manifested their powers in guiding the behaviors of the equal and unequal competition, as seen by educational systems, careers, and enterprises. Authority figures have set off a chain reaction that shapes the characteristics of individuals in the early stages of life for their own self motive. For example, in Davidson’s essay, Davidson indicates that the rapid expansion of the education system in the United States was…

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