Comparison Of Nicholas Kristof 's Article ' Where 's The Empathy '

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“’…poor people today have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return’” This quote comes from Nicholas Kristof’s article “ Where’s the Empathy”, where it is used to describe how, according to a poll, wealthy Americans feel about poor people. These comments did not shock me when I initially read them because of the community that I live in, however I have known individuals who have required assistance from the government, and I have found them to be hard working people who strive to return to the work force so they do not have to live on money from the government. I am from a middle class area of Long Island, New York and have been fortunate enough to not need assistance from the government, as have most of the individuals who live near me; the same could not be said for my uncle and his family. My uncle lost his job and was not able to find another for two years. My aunt’s job was not able to cover all of the expenses of the family and therefore they received unemployment from the government. Kristof’s quote was similar to a comment that I had overheard at a party at my house. The person who had made the comment did not know my family well and did not know much about my uncle, other than the fact that my uncle did not have a job at the time and was receiving money from the government. The individual who made the comment said that my uncle was “lazy” and should “just get a job”. This individual did not know that my uncle had…

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