Essay about Comparison Of Different Theories Of Self

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Compare and contrast at least two theories of self

Throughout history the topic of ‘Self’ has been broadly discussed by a range of different psychologists, (Rogers, 1995, Maslow, 1970, Hosseini, 2014). They have researched in areas including social and biological, they have also come up with different explanations in order to attempt to explain the meaning of ‘self’. Many people have the idea that the self is based around a person’s personality and emotion; however research has shown that it is more subjective.
This essay will explore multiple theories that look more broadly at the self and include ideas such as; relationships with others, our belongings and spirituality. This essay will present 3 separate theories of the self according to James, including The Bundle Theory and The Ego Theory, as well as looking at the limitations of each one, and finally comparing each theory accordingly.

First theory- James
One of the earliest theories of self was written by William James. According to James there are 2 selves; me-the self as known, and the I-self as knower. In his theory there is the ‘me-self’ which is made up of three aspects, the first being the material me, consisting of all of our possessions and belongings (for example our phones, houses and clothes). The following aspect is known as the social me, this is the side of personality that is defined by our social roles and relationships with other, for example our job and family, and finally the…

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