Comparison Of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings And The Tell Tale Heart

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Summative Essay on Style For any author to write a genuine, ambiguous, and overall a wonderful story, there are a certain number of literary techniques that can be manipulated, for the authors benefit. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, someone who is considered to be a saint in English and Spanish writing, and Edgar Allan Poe, famous for his poetry and detective fiction, share many similarities in their writing styles. They both use tone, diction, and syntax in most, if not all of their short stories, and even though at first glance it may not seem like it, but the styles that will be compared with in “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” and “The Tell Tale Heart” are very similar.

One thing about both of these stories that stands out the most, is
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In the story “A very old man with enormous wings” the diction was very ironic, because Father Gonzaga mentioned “He reminded them that the devil had a bad habit of making use of carnival tricks in order to confuse the unwary”, and later on most of the diction used fit into the theme of hell and disgust, some examples of those are hellish heat, sacramental, candles, mothballs, angel, devil, and parasites. These words elaborate more on the spiritual side of the story, and the absurdity of having a very old, and rather revolting man with very large wings, be an angel sent from above. In “The Tell Tale Heart” the diction Edgar Allen Poe used was similar in some senses. The words heaven, earth, and hell do show some of the “spiritual” aspects of the story, but they are not what the diction of the story is based on. The diction in “ The Tell Tale Heart” mostly focuses on making the reader have a sense of fear of the main character, and words like haunted, rid, cunningly, mad, and evil eye, make the reader uncomfortable while interpreting the story. Therefore, the diction helped enhance the style that was used by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Edgar Allan …show more content…
The two stories both shared a tone of sadness and helplessness, they also shared some similarities in diction, because some of the words in both stories were religious and spiritual. Finally they both had great use of syntax not only to describe the setting and what was happening, but it was also useful for setting the mood. That’s why both these authors’ styles were very effective, and are still being studied to this

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