Comparison Between Marx And Tocqueville And Karl Marx On Inequality And Equality

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Both Alexis de Tocqueville and Karl Marx examine the social change that nations go through either as a result of democracy diminishing Aristocratic ages or because of the wide spread of industrial capitalism. However, Marx and Tocqueville observe the impact of these social changes on the community differently. Marx writings are about how the European world was changing during his lifespan. He observes how the beginning of the Industrial Revolution creates an increase in the level of economic production, but also an immense increase of inequality in a society. On the contrary, Tocqueville analyzes the relationship between equality and liberty during the democratic ages vs. the aristocratic ages. This paper will discuss the differences between Marx and Tocqueville beliefs ' on inequality and equality. Furthermore, this paper will argue that, the oppression of the working class creates inequality that leads to class solidarity and class conflict just as Marx proposed, in contrast with Tocqueville 's theory that proposes democratic people strive for equality over liberty and this will only lead to despotism, and loss of community. De Tocqueville doesn 't view liberty as an attribute part of the democratic era. He believes that the only character that is associated with this era is equality. He explains in his theory that people of this era prize equality over liberty, although he doesn 't deny that democratic people value liberty, because everyone can take part in it and…

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