Essay on Comparison Between John Locke And Thomas Hobbes

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Compare and contrast
The two greatest philosophers in politics have two different visions when it comes to politics, Thomas Hobbes is arguing that Social Contract is a better system and it should adopted while John Locke argue that liberalism is way to govern people and every other country should take that path. They two philosophers come up with good reason why they believe that their deferent system is better than the other one. The main different views they both have is how international institution system and security should work. John Locke is a politician philosopher that believes in order to live peaceful world the best system is liberalism. He argues that liberalism balance power there are institutions set in place that every state has to obey. John Locke argue that every human being has the right to life, liberty and property. Locke believe that we create equal and no one has right to control our nature rights. In addition to that Locke believe “that all human being belong to a higher power who created them”. However Locke says that, there is a need of institution in our lives that respect every induvial right which is liberalism. The Locke ideas becomes the foundation for political thinking in the North American and other western countries.

The North American and Western nations took the path of liberalism there was a positive change that lead to become first world countries in the globe. Locke had a vision what a good liberalism should look like if…

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