Comparison Between Domestic And Non Domestic Violence Essay

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Crime in the home has always been a prominent issue in the society, however only recently has there been more of a recognition for it and actions are being taken by individuals to prevent this crime. To further comprehend this problem, two articles have been analysed. Article one, (Bond, CEW & Jeffries. S 2014, ‘Similar Punishment? Comparing Sentencing Outcomes in Domestic and Non-Domestic Violence Cases’) focusses on whether or not domestic or non-domestic violence receive similar ‘punishments’ in law, after becoming considered a serious crime with far reaching harmful consequences, especially for women and children (Mills 1998: 307). Article two (Willis, M 2011, ‘Non-disclosure of Violence in Australian Indigenous Communities’) primarily advocates why the Indigenous community is not reporting violence, also addressing the notion of non-disclosure within indigenous communities, and the possible reasons for why there is limited disclosure.
Article one is compiled by a review of literature, statistical analysis and reviews of previous studies. It proposes that historically, domestic violence was not considered as an important issue as opposed to non-domestic violence. The reason for this being that non-domestic violence was perceived as more serious as it was thought to affect a community at large and not just an individual victim. The article begun by referencing many sources which found leniency towards domestic violence sentences for example; Cretney and Davis (1997) found…

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