Everyday Use Maggie Character Analysis

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In Alice Walker 's "Everyday Use" there are two sisters, Dee and Maggie. Dee is the older of the two sisters with great confidence and trendy ways about herself. Dee left home to make a grander social status for herself, forgetting where she came from. Maggie is homely with intense shyness. Maggie is grateful for the things she has learned in her life and is content. The sisters have many differences, but they do share the same ancestry and mother which gives them common ground. They also dually suffered a house fire as children that left Maggie with visible scarring on her arms and legs.
Dee and Maggie share the same heritage. They have the same mother and grandmother. Dee was actually named after her aunt Dicie. They can also both read. Maggie reads to her mother even though she has poor eyesight. Both girls have varying education; Dee was sent off to finish school in Augusta while Maggie was not. Maggie and Dee both learned to sew, yet Maggie is given more credit as a seamstress than Dee. The debacle over heirloom quits signified their mother taking a stand for Maggie, as Maggie would appreciate them
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She has burn scars from a house fire that left her more unattractive compared to her sister who escaped the house fire unscathed. She speaks in quiet tones and stays to herself unless needed by someone else. When her sister shows up to the house, she fidgets, rubbing her toe in the sand and showing her nervousness. Maggie revealed a sense of selfishness when she became aggravated when Dee decided she wanted the quilts. She politely walks up to her sister and offers her the quilts because she can remember her grandmother without the need to have the quilts. Her mother intervenes though and says that Maggie will get the quilt because Dee has lost her heritage. Maggie is to marry a poor farm hand whose appearance is left to be desired as well. She is content living on the farm even though she does envy her sisters easier

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