Essay on Comparing The Victorian Era And Modern Britain

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Crime was alive and well in the Victorian era and is still flourishing in modern Britain. These two time periods offer the same ideas in combating crime, but have evolved into two very different ways at addressing it. Also, since the time periods were very unique, they had very different living conditions, which makes the reasons for crimes and the ways to combat them different. As crime evolves so do the police that are in charge of stopping it. Although crime and prevention often change, they do offer some similarities in comparison to the Victorian era and modern Britain. The Victorian era was unsafe with dens of criminals around every corner. Theft was the common mans job and many people were often too scared to move about outside when night fell. The modern Britain, after the Victorian era, saw a rise of police and justifiable punishment that would fit the crime. It also saw the rise of citizen protection, which was the police. The man most credited for this is Sir Robert Peel, the man who reformed law and order in Britain (Victorian Crime and Punishment). While there are some similarities between early Victorian crime and modern british crime, there are many differences. These include the punishment for crimes, the reasons for crimes , and the type of protections from these crimes.

Being sentenced to death by hanging for pick pocketing is not how modern Britain crime is handled, however that was common practice during the victorian era (Dickens 71). The Victorian…

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