Comparing The Shiite Faction Of Islam Essay

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Comparing the Shiite faction of Islam to the Sunni faction I first had to breakdown the meaning of faction so that I could get a better understanding of what I wanted to present to you in this paper.
Factions of Islam according to the Webster dictionary states that it is a division of Islam that has different meanings of the Quran it brings different views to the Islamic succession along with the many ways to worship Allah. So now we have the Shiite faction of Islam and the Sunni faction of Islam, and The Shiite belief in Ali affords him high status, but denying the main tenet of Islam-the distinctiveness of Allah. This alone is equivalent to "polytheism" (shirk) and, later, word of mouth. And Shiite comes from the word Shia, which means "the party (of Ali)." They are typically found in Iran and Iraq, and among the Palestinians. (Marckwardt, A. H., Cassidy, F. G., & McMillan, J. B.)
Furthermost Shiites have faith in that the 12th Imam will come back someday as the Mahdi or Messiah, and reaffirm his leadership of the Islamic world. In the meantime, ayatollahs are nominated to serve as caretakers of the faith. (Ryan, P. J.)
Sunni refers to the Sunna‚Äôs, or said traditions and understandings of the Koran Sunnis have faith in the position of Caliph should be a position to which one is elected by the religious leaders of the Islamic community, and not reliant on direct ancestry from Mohammed. Most Muslims were (and are) Sunnis, although approximately 20% are…

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