Comparing The Aeneid And The Odyssey Essay

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The Greeks and Romans believed in an Underworld as a place where the souls of the dead live. Book six of the Aeneid and book eleven of The Odyssey are two stories that describe the underworld as where all the dead, live. Virgil’s description of the Underworld in Aeneid is a very elaborated setting where there are many different levels an individual can encounter depending on his or her sins in life. While, in book eleven of the Odyssey, Homer’s Greek description of the underworld is a place where every soul faces unhappiness and misery throughout eternity. Although both stories have several similarities, they also have striking differences when examined carefully. Virgil explains what the Romans believed in the afterlife, where one’s doings in life will determine their place in the underworld. While, Homer explains what the Greeks believed, that one’s doings in life is meaningless in the underworld because all souls will face eternal misery. In the Aeneid and The Odyssey, Virgil’s and Homer’s description of the underworld show a difference in what one can encounter in the afterlife; Virgil’s version of the underworld is more appealing since it does not portray a dismal ending for all of mankind like Homer’s version of the underworld.
In the Anied, Virgl’s description of the underworld portrays several settings an individual can encounter depending on their doings in life. The Underworld described through the journey of Aeneas is strongly elaborated, where each soul will be…

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