Compare And Contrast The Iliad And The Aeneid

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Nathan Sloan
Humanities 1
Professor Richards
16 November 2017 Paper 2 The Aeneid was written in a very different time then the odyssey and the Iliad, it was a time of social change in Rome after the fall of the republic in the final war of the Roman Republic having creating a huge change the society of Rome and with the greatness of Rome declining, the new emperor Augustus Caesar began to institute a new era of prosperity and please by trying to re-introduce Roman values. The Aeneid was a almost perfect representation of what a Augustus Caesar was looking for, depicting the heroic Aeneas as a loyal man to his country and that cared about his country more than his personal gains or how popular it would make him, and going off to help Rome.
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In the odyssey there is a lot of recklessness not shown in the Aeneid Odysseus shows recklessness throughout the novel. Instead of continuing his journey, Odysseus wanted to explore the mainland, the Land of the Cyclops. Once he arrived at the cave, Odysseus wants to gain hospitality of the owner. Aeneas Was also very respect full to the gods and did what they wanted which in turn rewarded him as shown here was also very respect full to the gods and did what they wanted which in turn rewarded him as shown here space Book X, Aeneas is described as "the God-fearing captain" because his aim with his spear is steady. Because Aeneas is submissive to the gods, he will win in battle and will ultimately reach his goal — to build a city where he and his fellow countrymen can live peaceful, ordered lives.this is important because it shows how much we cared about the gods in an earlier writing such as in the Iliad Achilles did not care what the got had to say sometimes he didn’t even like them which is very disrespectful and it just shows the difference in the writing …show more content…
Although he meets his match in Achilles, he wreaks havoc on the Achaean army during Achilles’ period of absence. He leads the assault that finally penetrates the Achaean ramparts, he is the first and only Trojan to set fire to an Achaean ship, and he kills Patroclus. Yet his leadership contains discernible flaws, especially toward the end of the epic, when the participation of first Patroclus and then Achilles reinvigorates the Achaean army. He demonstrates a certain cowardice when, twice in Book 17, he flees Great Ajax. Indeed, he recovers his courage only after receiving the insults of his comrades—first Glaucus and then Aeneas.Warrior who did not care what his actions did such as here in conclusion the writing styles were obviously very different very different times it’s interesting to go back and look and see the differences. I personally like the Iliad and the way it is written it has a more suspenseful and entertaining writing. But that is not to say that the any ad is not

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