Comparing Streams Of Social Theory On Education Essay

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Comparing Streams of Social Theory in Education Education hits many hot spots in today’s society: funding, test scores, school choice, gender equality, race division, economic division. Just looking through Washington Post articles online you see there are constant articles referring to many of the hot topics in education such as: Parents and teachers rally for public education funding at schools across the country, Beyond test scores: The right way to asses students and schools, and finally An urban school serving needy kids posted big test gains. How did they do it? Education is constantly talked about in the media and in day to day living as the “answer” to many things, but is education the necessary functional building block to our society as we see through functionalist thought or is education actually used as a way to keep people divided and unequal as in the conflict theory?
Functional theory highlights how education can serve different needs in society in a positive way. In fact, educational settings are usually the first place children learn their society’s norms and not just their immediate family’s norms. It is a way for children to learn what is expected of them and how to be a functional person in society. It helps society function in a clear way. Schools teach students how important it is to be on time and scheduling. Being taught respect for authority by listening to teachers and principals follows students into their adult life in respecting…

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