Comparing Plato 's The Republic Essay

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Plato’s The Republic, is a complex work that discusses the nature of man, justice, the soul and a just society. The city of Athens was on the verge of ruin after Socrates trial and execution. Plato considers justice to be interconnected with goodness of an individual and a state, thus being the best way for survival. This paper will discuss justice and injustice as exemplified in Plato’s description of the fall of the state and the individual. The conversation begins with Glaucon and Adeimantus reopening the belief that justice has its valid meaning and “demand a proof that justice is not merely useful as bringing external rewards, but intrinsically good as an inward state of the soul” (Pg 41). The points risen by both Glaucon and Adeimantus on the idea of justice challenge Socrates to prove justice’s merit. Using Socrates voice of reason, Plato delivers the idea to create a better Republic. Glaucon believes that there are three kinds of goods, wants, desires and values for our own sake. These are things that give us pleasure and give us joy and are known as intrinsic goods. For example, a friend that provides needs and comfort, as in paying for meals, helping with homework represents an intrinsic good. This can be contrasted with the goods that value for the sake of another, which are instrumental goods. For instance, the art of medicine and art of shoemaking are instrumental goods for the sake of another. In addition, this leads to the question what kind of good is…

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