Comparing Nietzsche 's Writing Style Essay

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Nietzsche’s writing style is peculiar, yet easier to understand than previous writers. Because of this, understanding the remarks about everyday life opened up a plethora of ideas never seen before. An idea which was initially thought to be exhausted was seen through a different lens and perspective. The multiple perspectives in the remarks challenged the reader to react in various ways. This allowed both the reader and I to truly see beyond what was initially thought to be infallible truth. Hatred was no longer a bane to humanity, but a concept which preserves it. The concept of love was no longer restricted to a single idea. Selflessness became an act which was not innocent from all sides. The truth of God and other truths were experimented on and likely blinded humanity to a single truth. It was a combination of all these moments which comprised my experience with The Gay Science.
The Gay Science has a number of moments in which Nietzsche states something disquieting or humorous, but thought-provoking. The initial remark Nietzsche talks about is regarding hatred being a core value in preserving humanity. “Hatred, delight in the misfortunes of others, the lust to rob and rule, and whatever else is called evil: all belong to the amazing economy of the preservation of the species.” (Remark 1). Although Nietzsche was clear on his stance, I was skeptical at first. However, in a broader sense, hatred has truly been ingrained in human society. Aggression, war, and…

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