Comparing Myself With My Fellow Friends Essay

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Comparing myself with my fellow friends, I can consider myself to be lucky enough to be able to travel to almost every prominent country and city such as Paris, Japan, Singapore and so forth. Most of them are for accompanying my father doing his business. Importantly, I learned that regardless how countries are well developed, they differ from each other when it comes to cultural context. Therefore, based on my wide experience, I prefer to live in a collectivist country for the many benefits that I can gain.
A country with a good reputation can be attributed to the kind of people who live there. According to Cultural Differences, “Collectivists people are from a tight culture, so they will follow rules” (p.64). The authors are saying that collectivists are apt to follow any regulation, especially if it is a society type of rule. If any of them cross the line, others will perceive them as a bad group of people. As a peace lover, I would want to live in a place like this. Let’s say, I am staying in an apartment with neighbors living on every side. It is already 10:00 pm on a Friday night and I just got back from my workplace and looked forward to rejuvenating myself on my soft bed. Since this time is the best and most common time for people to throw a party at their house, I would expect some of my neighbors to do the same too. Normally, there is a standard policy that at a particular time, all of the residences are prohibited from making disturbing noise such as turn on the…

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