Comparing Livy Vs Plutarch : A Glimpse At Their Methods Essay example

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Livy vs Plutarch; a Glimpse at Their Methods The Romans were some of the first detailed historians who were able to really paint a picture of the times when they lived and they took pride in trying to verify their facts as well against other documents. Two such historians, Livy and Plutarch, are amongst the most well know historians of the Roman era. Livy constructed a complete history of Rome from its creation until the death of Augustus, whom Livy served under. Plutarch wrote many historical biographies on the various politicians and important figures of Rome, many of which were exaggerated for his own purposes and many others were lost over the years. These historians both based their works on facts and people, but were also influenced by who was in power and the time that they lived in. Livy 's historical methods were organized around glorifying Rome through storytelling and this becomes especially apparent with his writing on Brutus; Plutarch stays more grounded, but still supportive of his subjects though elaborate omissions. Through a careful examination of Livy 's works, he can be thought of first as a historian, but also as someone desperate for acknowledgment. The preface or introduction of any book can be often used to determine the authors purpose and Livy is no different. In his preface Livy states, “Whether the task I have undertaken of writing a complete history of the Roman people from the very commencement of its existence will reward me for the…

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