Comparing Django Unchained And Race Relations Essay

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Django Unchained and Race Relations Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 western Django Unchained tells the story of Django, a slave rescued by bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz, who then aids Django in rescuing his wife Broomhilda. Django and Schultz go throughout the Deep South collecting bounties while Django also takes revenge on a slaveowner who abused him and his wife. Eventually, Django and Schultz find out the identity of the slave owner who has Broomhilda, Mr. Calvin Candie, owner of the infamous plantation Candyland. The film delves into the issues of the African American experience in the 1800’s and also of the heavily racist attitudes of many white people during this time and also that of class in the 1800’s. The film is predominantly a film about race. Its black characters are all mistreated and abused verbally and physically by cruel white slave owners. The film makes no compromises in its depiction of white cruelty towards African Americans. From the film’s liberal use of the N-Word, to various scenes of whipping, keeping someone in a hole in the ground for several days, to forcing African American men into Mandingo fighting, to even a scene of attempted genital mutilation. An article from Daniel Brount, Mercadies Brown, and Alex Selvey from Ball State University wrote that the film, “critiques white characters with the portrayal of slave owners as incredibly stupid and/or relentlessly cruel...Furthermore, Tarantino includes instances
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