Comparing Beethoven 's And Berlioz 's History Essay

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Question 3: The Romantic Symphony In this paper you will learn about both Beethoven’s and Berlioz’s history in the Romantic Symphony. Many look upon Beethoven as one of the most creative musicians of all time. He transitioned between Classical and Romantic eras of musical history. Beethoven introduced his new ideas to the symphonic tradition with extensive developmental use of musical material. He used various themes, choruses, motifs, and keys to accomplish a sense of modulation ( For example, when Beethoven wrote the Ninth Symphony, in 1822 to 1824 he made use of a choir. This piece was first performed in Vienna on May 7, 1824 ( This symphony was constructed by Beethoven himself, and he added an “Ode to Joy” at the end of the fourth movement. To add an ending with a chorus was an idea that only gave him great success.
Friedrich Schiller wrote the poem “Ode to Joy,” which is all about the emotion filled joy in Heaven. The opening stanza and chorus of “Ode to Joy” both welcome the brotherhood of mankind into Elysium (Heaven), of which Joy is the daughter ( The poetry of “Ode to Joy” gives this sense of Escape from Modern City Life, where the focus is on a legendary, spiritual, and fantasy type of lifestyle. The poem reads “Drunk with fire now we enter… Your magic powers join again…The kiss is for the whole wide world” which shows romantic themes of the supernatural fantasy, and overwhelming emotion. The 4th / final…

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