Comparing Ayer 's Views Of Being Free And Not Free Essay examples

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We have all been raised to believe that we are free to make our own choices and create our own lives. We have all been told that we can do anything we want, and achieve anything at our own free will. But can we really? Are we all actually free? There are many views of what freedom is and how we achieve freedom, and I am going to argue that Ayer’s views of being free and not free are in fact correct. When talking about the philosophy of freedom and free will there are two ways the world can be. Determinism and indeterminism are the two concepts that determine freedom. Determinism is the belief that all events that occur are determined by prior events. Meaning that everything that has occurred now was only caused by prior events. Indeterminism on the other hand, is the belief that not all events are determined by prior events. The world and everything in it has to run on either the concept of determinism, or indeterminism. There are also the two conditions on free action and choice. The Options Principle and the Causal Determination Condition. The Options Principle is defined if an action or choice X of a subject S is a free action or choice of S ONLY IF S could have chosen otherwise than to do X. This basically means the S has options to choose other than the option that was ultimately chosen. An example would be, if you want to get to work on time, you could take the train or your car. You choose to ride the train. Therefore you have freewill and choice because you chose…

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