Comparing A Laptop Computers Vs. A Convertible Laptop Computer

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This research paper will compare and contrast a laptop computer vs. a convertible laptop computer, which is more feasible for use in this day and age. Today there are so many choices when you are ready to purchase a new computer. This research will give you some important information to consider when buying your next computer. Purchasing a new computer system can be very challenging and time consuming. The laptop computer I will be researching is the H.P. Envy 17.3 touch screen and the convertible laptop I will be researching is the Intel Microsoft-surface pro4. If you have been the owner of just one computer system you know by now that all computer systems are not created equal. A laptop computer is unlike a desktop computer because it is portable, which mean that you can bring it to school, on an airplane, to a friend’s house and many other places. The top manufacturers of laptop computers are IBM, Dell, Compaq, H.P, Toshiba, Apple and the new comer to this arena Lenovo. There are several important factors you should do before you purchase your next computer.
1. Know what you will be using your system for; you may want to get your family involved to see how each family member use the computer on a daily basis.
2. Should I buy a desktop or a laptop? Or a convertible laptop? I think that today most people have gotten away from the stationary desk top computer, although the manufacturers are still making them. If you have small kids or teenage and you would…

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