Comparing 1984 's Warning And The World Essay

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1984’s Warning to the World The original intent of communism was to form a utopian society where there is no government or centralized power, and the whole population is equal. However, history has proven that countries which attempted to achieve this goal usually ended up with a powerful dictator who exercised complete control over society. More specifically, this occurred in 1924 when Joseph Stalin gained control of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union and eventually became the nation’s totalitarian ruler. Utilizing a highly centralized government and a powerful police force, Stalin ensured the obedience of his people and protected his position of power. He executed all potential threats to his power, created outlandish laws to maintain his power, and enforced propaganda to brainwash the public in order to maintain his power. Punishments were severe, the economy continued to decline, and personal freedoms were taken away, all of which, contributed to a poor quality of life in the Soviet Union. This loss of individual freedom did not go unnoticed, and many tactics were utilized in order to inform the world on the dangers of communism. For example, the author George Orwell used his writing to do so. As Orwell wrote 1984 in the late 1940s many of his concepts are based on the conditions of the Soviet Union at this time. In his novel 1984, Orwell bases his dystopian society on the historical rule of Stalin and life in the Soviet Union during the late 1940s in order to…

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