Urban Decay In 1984

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In 1984, by George Orwell, the theme of urban decay is explored as a fundamental idea to the development of the novel. George Orwell uses urban decay to enable a better understanding of conflicts among the characters, emotions, and experiences that are derived from them. By introducing a theme of urban decay, totalitarianism rule, physical and psychological control, and the control of history and facts is created. Urban decay is the process in which a city which was previously functioning and well maintained goes through a rough time which includes deterioration and decay. Orwell uses several sources of imagery to paint a picture of London. In 1984, urban decay is everywhere. Winston, the main character, describes his town as a shoddy, rundown …show more content…
The new totalitarianism had the desire for power and nothing else. Since they had wealth and money, they wanted the power to protect their wealth and control several opinions from the public and the media over the television and the newspapers. For example in Oceania, the party owned everything hence resulting to a permanent inequality in the economy. Orwell directly shows the reader the problem and threat of totalitarian governments and communism can have on a society. Due to the extreme disregard of its citizens by the inner party, the setting of the novel falls into this colorless state of urban decay. The inner party is neglecting is inhabitants for the sole purpose of boosting their own power. Through the use of urban decay the inner party gains the potential to have increased power. They fail to meet the needs of the citizens which is an example of the communist state in which the story is set. By using these examples, Orwell shows the integration of urban decay within totalitarian rule. Moreover, due to totalitarianism, the author indicates that the governments were able to control the citizens and even the media. Therefore, they could easily control the activities of the people within the country. Furthermore, in the novel, Orwell highlights the best totalitarianism society maintain extreme leadership and a quest for power. In the novel, the government monitored and controlled all the activities of the citizens to ensure that they remained loyal. He uses Winston Smith as the revelation and the voice of the people to challenge the government systems and the limits of powers that the government had over its citizens. Though Winston never had the chance to control the abilities of the party, the reader is able to understand how the party is using and controls the minds of the

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