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AP English IV
Compare and Contrast Essay In Karen Van der Zee’s novel, A Secret Sorrow , and Gail Godwin’s short story,” A Sorrowful Woman”, both scenarios are focused on certain ideas of marriage and family. Although, the two stories couldn’t be any more different from each other in terms of what should happen and what actually is. Van der Zee portrays married life as a wonderful experience, including a happy marriage complete with children. Faye, the central character in A Secret Sorrow, wants the fairytale, story book marriage and sees it as her main source of happiness. For the unknown wife in Godwin’s “A Sorrowful Woman”, her marriage and family are no longer making her happy, causing her to become disheartened and eventually
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This scenario of sadness and sorrow occurring with Godwin’s character would seemingly never occur in A Secret Sorrow seeing how it is set as a basic romance novel. It would be going against the expected ending of ‘happily ever after’, where the white wedding happens and there’s a happy family. The individual emotions portrayed in each woman are strikingly different when it comes to talking or referring to their families. Faye, once with her children, would watch with such astonishment and happiness, feeling as if “life was good and filled with love” (37). Godwin’s character on the other hand says “The sight of them made her feel so sad and sick she did not want to see them ever again” (38). The situation in her marriage and home forces her to become a recluse from her family. She does this not to purposely be away from her husband and child but she realizes that she can no longer provide for them the things they need and in a way that hurts her knowing that she has failed them. Godwin’s character feels as though the monotonous role of being a wife and mother has become too much and she can’t settle for being just that anymore. Godwin story is full of lows and unanswered questions. The wife is no longer happy with her family situation and is lost on what to do while still trying not to hurt her family more than she already has. Van der Zee’s story is full of intense highs and equally intense lows but different from Godwin, there is a

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