Compare/Contrast Traveling Through the Dark and Woodchucks Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay In the poems “Traveling Through the Dark” and “Woodchucks” man must make a decision about nature in the most inconvenient ways. In “Traveling Through the Dark” the narrator is faced with, literally, a life or death situation, whereas in “Woodchucks” the narrator is faced under the Darwinian belief about killing. Both poems reveal the interpersonal relationship between man and animal as well as the moral dilemma that man faces with nature. However, through the use of narration, vivid imagery, and personification, the poets show one speaker’s sympathetic attitude towards the animals while the other speaker has an adversarial attitude toward them. Stafford’s poem, “Traveling Through the Dark,” deals with the …show more content…
It can be assumed that the aimed parking lights are towards the deer even though it is not directly stated in the poem because otherwise the speaker would not be able to see the deer. The poet begins to use imagery to depict the moral dilemma that the speaker was face to face with in the poem. The poet states that the speaker was standing there in the “glare of the warm exhaust turning red.” It is easy to imagine the speaker standing in the glow of the lights turning red with frustration; perhaps, because he does not know which decision would be wiser to make. Man and animals have different qualities and abilities. Man has technology to use to defend them against pretty much anything whereas an animal can only do so much. They must use nature and nothing more to defend themselves. In this poem, their relationship, the man and the deer, shows the superiority of man over animal. This is seen through the fact that the speaker is the one who must decide the fate of the unborn fawn. At the same time, the author shows the speaker’s guilt of throwing the deer, along with its unborn fawn, off the edge of the cliff because he had to make a choice between the life of an animal and the life of mankind. Kumin’s poem “Woodchucks” shows a different perspective of humans and their

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