Compare And Contrast The Fall Of Berlin And Ivan's Childhood

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For Part 3 of the Midterm exam, the objective at hand is to compare and contrast the portrayal of World War 2 in The movies “The Fall of Berlin and “Ivan’s Childhood”. The essay will begin with a brief comparison followed by how they are different representations of the war. Examples from the films as well as technical components in the films will be talked about to back up the information being presented. First off, the first comparison the two films have is the portrayal of World War Two. Throughout both films, the Nazis are seen as the bad evil type characters, which they certainly were in real life. Ivan’s Childhood showed this by Nazis taking over Ivan’s village and killing his family and sending him to a German prison camp. Another way the Nazis were portrayed …show more content…
Technical components in the film that assisted in this portrayal are the low angle shots on Stalin throughout various parts of the film. By having a low angle on Stalin, that made him seem bigger and more important and superior to others, which is what the film intended to have happen. Another technical component is the high-contrast lighting on Stalin’s face. This shows his importance and significance in the film. The film used techniques in the such as people celebrating and cheering for Stalin saying how he is the Savior of the Soviet Union and such. As said before, this film was a very formalistic film because of the descriptions of Stalin and everybody acting like he is their savior. In the film “Ivan’s Childhood”, the same attitudes of Stalin were not present. Instead, the film showed how negatively impacted from the war the characters were. One last differences in the two films is the endings of the two films. In the end of Fall of Berlin, everyone was happy and cheering, but in the end of “Ivan’s Childhood”, it had ended very tragically, as Ivan was caught and killed by the

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